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The Beginning of the Season

presentHello Folks!

Now that we’ve moved past the “big” meal of November and are picking at the leftovers crammed in our fridge – I thought it appropriate to start the celebration of all things Christmas!

That being said – we’ll have our Christmas Cool Stuff category going on as well as any holiday awesome that we run across!

Happy Holidays everyone and stay safe out there shopping!

31 Things No One Tells You About Being a Parent (a la BuzzFeed)

happy-childAlrightly  folks – I will honestly say that, pre-kids, I was one of those women that said “when I have kids I will never…” or “… I will always…”.  *shame on me*

But, the power of a child is so-much-more than just body-checking their parent into a life altering realization of “I know NOTHING!”  They bring so much more to the table :D

And, on that note: Please enjoy BuzzFeed’s 31 Things No One Tells You About Being a Parent

New Category: Minecraft Inspiration

Hello folks!

Every once in a while I run across a photo that I think “Wow!  This would be really cool to recreate in Minecraft!”  Of course, with limited time at the end of a very busy day, I have managed to collect more than my fair share of these images w/ no finished product.

So!  I’ve decided to share them with the community and let you know – if you find yourself with time,  are able to recreate one of the images posted and feel generous enough to share with us then we’ll post pics/video of your minecraft creation for all to enjoy!

And on that note: Las Lajas Sanctuary in Pasto, Colombia