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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar

Feel free to mock me if you must (or pinch your nose and say “stinky” like my husband does) but I have discovered a SUPER TASTY recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts!







After having a kid, the quest to expand her palate has been a zany journey that eventually led me to the grocery store to discover that brussels sprouts grow on giant stalks!

Produce Gal’s Tip: Sprouts off the stalk are generally sweeter than any other.

After learning the tip above, I decided that if EVER there was a time my kid MIGHT like eating a brussels sprout, it would be when it’s sweetest… so I gave it a go!  No surprise that they aren’t her favorite, but she loves helping me make them and doesn’t fight getting one down so I’m super happy with the result!  (Plus, they are really so tasty that I’ll eat the whole 2 lbs w/o sharing and be fine :p)

Vegetable Tales of Woe

As you may know if you’ve been with me from the beginning of CHG, my kiddo avoids vegetables at ALL costs.  We’ve tried bribing, sneaking, putting our feet down and making veggies “grown-up only” in the hope of getting her to try SOMETHING that is of the vegetable persuasion.  It’s no big surprise that she’s not interested (a mix of stubborn and age 3).  The best methods for no-fight vegetable ingestion, in our household, have settled with sneaking them in (we do berry shakes that include carrots and spinach) and bribing.

food groups

But bribing is not a long term solution in my opinion so I reached out to personal & parent coach, Emily McMason, during an unrelated event.  One of the suggestions she had for a no-fight solution was a food drawer.  Find some space in your fridge for foods that your kid enjoys but fulfill each of those pesky food groups and let them pick!  We used the new food drawer as an opportunity to discuss food groups and what kinds of foods need to go in our bodies to keep us healthy.  I even found a printable from that had colorful pictures and helpful explanations of the different groups.

Comfort Food Gear

Because who doesn’t need comfort food once in a while and why wouldn’t you want the gear to make it fun?

3D Safari Animal Cookies, Cookie Scoop and Puzzle Pieces

Tortilla Soup a la Eva Longoria

tortilla-soupI just tried this Tortilla Soup recipe from Pinterest and WOW!  Not only was it super tasty and just right for a lazy day (I was not feeling like cooking today) – but it ranked an 8 out of 10 on the picky family scale!

I actually forgot the jalapeno pepper at the store but it was plenty spicy for us so no worries there :)

BBQ Chicken Bacon Bites

BBQ-Chicken-Bacon-Bites3As the name implies these BBQ Chicken Bacon Bites are pretty simple but unique.  Jumping onto the Bacon Craze these little numbers can be individualized with the choice of BBQ sauce/ingredients you choose to season with – as well as the kind of bacon you choose to use.

We made them at home and honestly, I would recommend lifting them from the cookie sheet so the fat/grease drips away from the food and so the bacon gets more crispy… but besides that… grab some potato salad, a beer and enjoy these yummy treats!


8 Aromatic Herbs that Purify Air Naturally

lavenderIf you’re in a small space and you find yourself with trouble breathing/dealing with a stink/needing fresh air – invest in a plant!  If you go with one of the 8 herbs listed in this article, you’ll find you’ve just invested in something that pulls double duty… clean air AND tasty seasoning to boot!

I just may follow my own advice – as I LOVE fresh herbs in my food.

Monday Munchies: Broiled Grapefruit

broiled grapefruit

Lately my kiddo has gotten into grapefruit – and I am NOT disappointed :D  I’m a great lover of grapefruit especially sprinkled with a little salt (I know others do sugar… my hubby included).

So, when a ran across this recipe for Broiled Grapefruit I thought it was a pretty cool twist on a beloved fruit and gave it a try :D


I’m not a fan of cinnamon on it, but that aside, it was quite tasty and I would recommend :)