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Gardening tips/tricks and ideas for those green spaces we all strive for

Indoor Growing Options

If you’re living anywhere in the Great Northwest you know that just because “Spring” has arrived, doesn’t mean your flowers are good to go.  Case and point: day after first day of Spring there was snow all over north Seattle.  That being said, I’m itching to get outside and do some form of gardening… which is why the following images are both inspiring and helpful… INDOOR options for plants/planters!

Bevin Beech Based Domes, Click and Grow Smartpot & Living Wall Planter

Vegetable Garden Kit

vegitable garden kit

To keep in line with our Spring Theme from yesterday – I present to you… the Vegetable Garden Kit!

I LOVE the raised beds and trellis for vine plants but what gets me is for the $200-215 you’re paying… the lumber is NOT INCLUDED!

You will receive the hardware, the netting and the instructions shipped to you … which WOULD be super helpful right?

Regardless of the lack of wood – I still want this – or some variation… yep.

8 Aromatic Herbs that Purify Air Naturally

lavenderIf you’re in a small space and you find yourself with trouble breathing/dealing with a stink/needing fresh air – invest in a plant!  If you go with one of the 8 herbs listed in this article, you’ll find you’ve just invested in something that pulls double duty… clean air AND tasty seasoning to boot!

I just may follow my own advice – as I LOVE fresh herbs in my food.

Gardening Organic Tomatoes

tomatosWith gardening season right around the corner and my “garden plan” coming to it’s conclusion I thought I would share this post about how to get more from your tomato plants.  It’s by the same folks as this post about strawberries.  I’m guessing my lack of doing the above is why my tomatoes were not so great last season… we’ll see if this season has a better yield as I’ll be following their advice!

How to Get More Strawberries

everbearingstrawberries_1Ok – so, the quest for the backyard garden is ON!  My hubby just did our taxes and it turns out that we’ll have some money coming back this year (thank goodness!)  Last year I started “gardening” by planing some strawberries in a half barrel and some tomatos in another…

I got a pretty good yield but I definitely felt like I could get more from our “harvest”.  I also discovered the dangers of living somewhere near deer… (they LOVE strawberries and their leaves!)  Note: Fence in your garden to protect from other animals.

Fortunately for our strawberry-lovin’ family, I ran across this site that will hopefully leave us with a higher quantity of tasty treats this spring/summer… updates to come later this year :D