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Learning Numbers for Kids

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m currently taking a class in Computer Science (I’ve always been curious.)  One of the class assignments was working with a program called “Scratch” to create a multi-sprite program.

I wanted to create something that would motivate me to stay focused and be useful so… I created a number learning program for my daughter (we’re working on recognizing numbers up to 20).

For your review:

Octopus Numbers

octopus-counting-craftI just ran across a really cute arts and crafts number sense game that I’ll be using with my kiddo.  What I’m trying to find out now, is how to develop something of a similar nature for up to twenty (since that’s what we’re currently working on in our household.)

You can find the craft and it’s instructions at

If you have any ideas for additional maths crafts feel free to post/email me and we’ll put it up!

10 Actions Parents Can Take Against Bullying


With the focus of so many schools shifting from fair play to anti-bullying – I hesitated when I came across’s article for Ten Actions All Parents Can Take to Help Eliminate Bullying.  I wasn’t sure what I, as a reader, was approaching and was ready to cringe and spit in opposition of “expel bullies”  ”coddle the poor picked on”.

Caveat:  I realize that the world of bullying has changed since I was a child.  The internet, cell phones and new devices allow an entirely different avenue of peer torture that leaves the bully free from seeing the hurt they’ve inflicted and perhaps feeling the shame.

Fortunately for my parenting reflex, I can honestly say that most of the actions are common sense, but it was nice to have the reminder anyways.

Scissor Practice – Cutting Worksheets


It’s probably simple enough to create some dotted lines on a piece of paper and ask your kiddo to cut along them for practice… BUT if you’re a little be lazy and just want to hit “print”:

Take a look at the Scissor Skills Worksheets by the All Kids Network.  They are easy enough to print and fun for kiddos to practice those much needed hand/eye coordination skills.

Valentine’s Day Worksheets

counting worksheetGetting ready for a week of Valentine’s crafts with my kiddo and I stumbled across the AllKidsNetowork Worksheet Page.  I’d recommend taking a look and seeing which pages are appropriate for your kiddo then printing them out!

It’s also a fun and inexpensive way to determine if your kid is ready for a more challenging set of skills …

One Dynamite Gal!

dynamite-valentine-craftMy kiddo loves the movie Wreak It Ralph and lovingly says to me “Mom, you’re one dynamite gal!” pretty frequently (which I love).  So, when I ran across this craft from the AllKidsNetwork I HAD to get the supplies ready and prep it for a craft this week.  In honor of Valentine day’s impending arrival:

Dynamite Valentine Craft