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Rent the Runway!

locket of lace gownI wish I had know/seen this (if it existed) back in the day of prom/homecoming/wedding because the opportunity to wear couture dresses to events and 1) not have to dry clean them myself and 2) not have to pay the ACTUAL price of the gown would be AMAZING.

I’m actually planning on hosting a new-years-eve party someday and I have my heart set on a party dress kind of event.  Now I know where I’m getting my outfit!  Woo!

Check it out at!

Diastasis Recti – do you have it?

diastasisOk – so, I was warned about diastasis recti at one point post-pregnancy (from my doc I think) but I never really understood how to check or what it meant for my post-baby body.  Fortunately, I found this site that was pretty clear about determining whether you have Diastasis Recti and how do address it if you do…