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Kitchen Gear Series – Blender vs. Magic Bullet

We’ve all done it.  Looked at that sparkly new kitchen item as we pass it by at Macy’s or see it on the TV in all it’s glory, and say to ourselves “Self, wouldn’t life be just a little easier if I had this product?”  And the answer, for me at least, has never been a simple yes or no.  Most of the time I’ll find myself spending weeks on end wondering if that product would have made tonight’s or tomorrow’s meal just a little bit easier – then wondering if the clean up of the product is worth the use… and just for kicks (and perhaps some perverted need to share the agony of my indecision) I’ll ask my husband or talk to my mother-in-law about it… maybe call my mom… and by the end of the month I’ll normally find myself determined that I MUST have the product.

And what happens after I buy said product?  I use it, rave about it’s usefulness, then find that the clean up IS NOT worth the use of the product, that it takes up too much space in my moderately large-but-lacking-in-storage-space kitchen, and that I already have 2 other products that can do the EXACT same thing.

Such was the case with the Magic Bullet

We had a blender/cuisinart deal (similar to the picture above) AND we had the Cuisinart Hand Blender Smart Stick (given to us for making baby food mush when our daughter was born).  As if this was not enough, my mother stops by one day and brings/recommends/raves about her new Magic Bullet.

Initially, my shiney-new-product-googley-eyes do NOT kick in (yeah!).  But then, I hit Costco for our weekly groceries and find… the Magic Bullet in all it’s shiny glory!  And begin the debate.  After selectively annoying my hubs up one end and down the other about whether or not we should buy it – I finally opt for yes.  And then I do.  And I use it for 1 week.

During this week I have made a fancy chocolate mousse (which is really just chocolate sauce and heavy whipping cream – nothing fancy and not worth the redo) and some smoothies.  The smoothies were my justification… get veggies into the smoothies for our daughter who hates veggies.  But, I find during the process of using the Magic Bullet that it is a super cumbersome product -

  • dishwasher safe becomes make sure all the little parts are on the top rack, separated, and then make sure they are reassembled in all their teeny-tiny-ness after being fully dried.
  • finding a place for all the tops/bottoms/attachments is a pain (please note our kitchen has very few drawers)
  • but most of all – getting it to ACTUALLY blend the frozen fruit with the juice, veggies and yogurt is an art that was not worth the effort.  I found myself literally SHAKING the magic bullet, as in – martini shaker-ing the thing, motor and all.  This cannot be safe right?  Therefore the magic bullet has been added to the category of kitchen gadgets I never needed.

Sadly, I discovered all this AFTER recycling the product box so it’s currently stored in our spare room until the next garage sale.

Our Messy House

Ok – So, our house is messy.  I’ve found that I have a two week attention span for practically EVERYTHING and once 2 weeks is up – I drop it – usually incomplete – and pursue another “project” or “hobby”.  It can be a good thing – like a slew of new recipes or a super clean house – but it can also create GIANT messes and waste money.

One time, when I got into scrapbooking – the house was FILLED with papers and decals and all sorts of project stuff.  And, after two weeks, it sat around with no where to go, cluttering up the apartment.  We eventually moved, and the scrapbooking stuff moved with us – never to be touched again.

So, in an effort to streamline life in general – I have committed to blogging all my efforts to CLEAN UP HOUSE.  Inclusive of: blogging all craft project ideas, new recipes and organizational bits.

Thanks for reading!