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Tantrums – an article to read

Ok – so… my sister was over the other day and we were TRYING to get our daughter to try something new… we’ve had difficulty with her trying new things since she hit around 1.5yrs… all of a sudden she didn’t want ANYTHING but peanut butter and jelly for lunches and dinners.  I can get her to eat pretty healthy food for breakfast, she’ll gobble up fruit and I slip in the veggies with smoothies; but ANYTHING ELSE she rejects outright.  And lately it’s become fit-central if we push at all…

Right, so… my sister was over and observed this night-time routine of our daughters… and me, being the pushover that I was (as I have committed to standing firm from now on) let my daughter run the show post-fit (the worst thing to do, I know) and of course my sister observed it all.

Being that she is young, unmarried and without kids she is what I was prior to kids – quick to determine that my handling of the situation was incorrect.  Fortunately for me she did not “just” judge.  She ALSO researched and provided feedback.  My initial thought was “how dare she?!?” Right? But, in taking a step back, I can appreciate that she was just trying to help… so I gave it a read…

Pretty good advice… that I pass on to you… just in case you need a little boost in the courage and energy department:  Have fun!

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Ok – chalk this late post up to my unorganized brain BUT we did an awesome turkey craft that was completed on Thanksgiving with all our visiting family…  Inspired by one of the many crafts found on Pinterest (the first pic) the “thankful for” Turkey feathers were read out loud before dinner and I put them all together once the crowd was gone and the leftovers were in the fridge…

Yarn Thankful Turkeyturkeys

Potty Training In One Day

Our daughter is almost 3 and it was DEFINITELY  time for her to use the “big kid” potty.  Fortunately, I stumbled upon and read her tutorial on how to potty train your kid in one day…

It gave me the courage to bite the bullet and go diaper free with the munchkin.  We set a date and started just like it recommended.  Things for us were a little easier since my daughter already understood the concept of where the pee and poo is SUPPOSED to go – we had done a diaper free couple of days a month or two earlier… but the candy idea was WONDERFUL!

Our daughter got by on suckers and M&Ms for each potty success and by day 3 we had NO ACCIDENTS during the day.  Our nights have been touch and go… (partly my fault I’m sure … I’ve neglected to pull her juice well in advance of bedtime.)  We’ve been out of the house with no accidents (though we haven’t gone potty outside of the house – she’s TERRIFIED of the self-flushing toilets at Costco.)

So – though I’m a little more on guard when out and I have a spare change of clothes in the backpack – we have had potty training success with, what feels like, very little effort!

Winter Safety Checklist

Some quick tips provided to us via our city…

  • DE-ICE YOUR WALKWAYS/DRIVEWAYS – Are you ready for snow?  Be prepared for those potentially snowy/icy days … slipping and falling can be a hazard to you, your family/friends and even those annoying door-to-door salesmen!
  • INSULATE YOUR FAUCETS – Nothing will ruin the holiday  spirit faster than a flooded house!  In freezing temperatures, take protective measures to keep your pipes from freezing.
  • FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AND SMOKE DETECTORS – This is the season of cozy fireplace fires, fragrant candles, beautiful holiday lights, and turkeys roasting in the oven.  Be prepared in the unfortunate event of a fire!  check the batteries in your smoke detectors, ensure your fire extinguishers are up to date, and make sure your family has a plan for what to do in case of a fire.
  • CHECK YOUR LIGHTS – The days are getting shorter and it is getting dark earlier.  Verify bicycle lights are in good working order, and keep flashlights and candles on hand in case of a power outage.

Crockpot Mashed Potatoes

So, I was meandering the internet and stumbled across this recipe for Crockpot Mashed Potatoes… And, since it was before Thanksgiving and mashed potatoes was one of “my duties” this year (did I mention that I’m terrified of making mashed potatoes?) I decided to try this particular recipe.

The first time I tried making them (pre-view to Thanksgiving) they turned out a little glue-y but pretty tasty and I was given the “thumbs up to try again” from the hubs (which is rare for crockpot foods).

This Thanksgiving we made them and they were more glue-y but still seriously tasty.  My mom commented “just use less water when cooking them”.  My mother-in-law commented “just use a potato masher and they’ll turn out perfect”.  I say… let there be baked potatoes till next Thanksgiving!

Needless to say they were tasty and I’m sure that with a little less user-error they would be perfect… so!  Here’s where the recipe is located… have at it! –>

Homemade Stain Remover

The other day my daughter dripped red M&M juice (as in drool and M&Ms) onto her spanking new white leggings… OH MY GOODNESS!  Right?

WRONG!  It’s ok!  There IS a solution :)  Seriously, a solution made up of half cheepo shampoo (I used Suave) and half water.  Put into a spray bottle, shake up, spray at stain and rub a little.  Toss those pants/shirt/whatever into the wash on it’s normal cycle (I generally use delicate/cold for my kiddo’s clothes).  Magically the stain was GONE.  See? …

And, according to my mother-in-law’s mother… this solution is also an awesome way to treat those underarm stains on white shirts…

Fall Crafts – Tree w/ Leaves

I found this great 3D Tree craft on  I ended up free-handing the tree outline and leaves for prepping materials instead of using the template provided on the site but…My daughter and I had a ball making this together!

We used a paper plate and “colored” the ground for the tree to stand on.  Then we glued the leaves to the tree and the ground for a realistic fall look.  I suppose you could write what you’re thankful for on each leaf but we went for just a basic tree…

Homeprint Assessment – Do It!

So this morning I sat down to pay my bills and, in doing so, was greeted by the little fliers that get tucked into your billing envelopes.  I know, I haven’t switched to e-billing… I, personally, need the physical reminder of “bill due” AND I LOVE those little “tips and tricks” we get in the mail…

Like today – the Homeprint Assessment via our power company came.  I highly recommend you take advantage of this service (especially if it’s free like in our city).  We had it done this summer and basically an assessor came out, looked around our house, changed ALL our lightbulbs to energy efficient w/o us having to pay for it and handed us a folder stating how we can make our home more energy efficient and where the biggest cost savings would be!  For our home the top priority is insulation (it’s an older home and needs more in the attic space), shortly followed by potentially changing baseboard heaters to forced air.

Did I mention this was free!?!  Actually, with them switching out all our lights… it was like they were paying US to come inform us on how to save energy/money… BIG, BIG FAN of this program!