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Quick Note

Dear All,

In case you haven’t noticed, there has been a lack of posting this week :(  I intended on letting you know this prior to the holidays but … It’s the holidays… and since life is busy/crazy atm and my brain is a bit scrammbled – I’m taking some time to enjoy the holiday craze and put my head back on straight.

CHG will be back up and running come the first of the year :)

See you then!

Personalized Kitchen Aid Mixers

Ok – soooo I MAY have a bit of love for my KitchenAid.  It was the one thing I HAD to have after we got married because it’s the thing I make all my cakes, cookies, and goodies with… So, when I ran across this page on a friends Facebook feed I HAD to take a look!

Un Amore Custom Designs has some truly magnificent looking mixers and I am seriously considering sending them our mixer JUST so I can have a piece of customized art in my kitchen (plus… come on… it looks GREAT!)

Personalized Christmas Stockings

I attempted making personalized stockings the Martha Stewart way (adding my own crazy flair and inspiration) and spent plenty of money on fabrics and photocopies of templates several years ago… you know what?  I STILL haven’t gotten around to it BUT there is another way!

Try using burlap, red yarn, ribbons and bells; or felt and assorted decorations!  Use some simple materials and a little time and you’ll find yourself with personalized stockings for the family/friends that are inexpensive and treasured by all.

Here is a site with different stocking ideas and tutorials…

Personalized Christmas Gift

For those of you lacking fundage this holiday season – there is a solution that requires, dare-I-say, MORE effort than running out and purchasing a gift, but is quite possibly a more meaningful token for the ones you love…

Something I love About You Box

  1. Find a box
  2. Find paper
  3. Write things you love about the person on those slips of paper
  4. Put the paper in the box
  5. Give the box to the one you love

Merry Christmas!