Monthly Archives: January 2013

What To Buy/Skip at the Dollar Store

dollar-tree-storeOk, recently I’ve expanded our shopping repertoire to include the Dollar Store… and with that comes the unfortunate task of figuring out what’s a quality $ Store buy and what I should avoid.  I played it safe this last time – only buying sandwich bags and tin foil 8x8s (I use these to freeze foods for future meals).  But fortunately I ran across this site that actually outlines some of the buys/skips for the $ Store.  So happy that I stumbled onto it, now I know what’s a good purchase or not!

Kids List of 100 Things To Do w/o TV

I was browsing around when I came across this site listing the 100 things her kids decided to play while having no access to TV for a week.  It’s a pretty great list and imo it’s really cool to see what things kids will come up with for entertainment… like “line up all the little people in a parade”.  I remember doing stuff like that as a kid but I’ve completely forgotten that it can be an hour long activity full of wonder!

Update on How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Ok folks.  So here’s the deal:  One of the reasons I started this site was to address and document the many ways/attempts and successes/failures as I try to get our house in gear.  One of the things I’ve been trying recently is shopping on a budget and I’ve expanded it to shopping just 2 times a month (inspired by How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half)

I planned our meals and grocery list for the whole month, then split it in two based on what was needed for each half.  I also estimated (based on past grocery trips) how much each item on the list would cost so I had an idea of what we would be spending.  I wanted to make sure that it would work within our budget and, if needed, I would switch up a couple of meals for less expensive options.

This last week I went grocery shopping with a list for the first half of the month and I hit up: the Dollar Store, Fred Meyer and Costco.  Before shopping I pulled out $300 cash – because that was ALL that I was spending on this trip – this is the bigger of the two trips this month.  I have to share – it was a SUCCESS!  I came in under budget (I was so paranoid about what would happen if I overspent… I didn’t want to have to choose on-the-spot what to not buy…) I had to skip a couple of things that would have been healthy impulse buys (like the grapefruit cups at Costco) but I’m so proud that I was able to stay within my limits and stock us up for at least 2 weeks.  Some of the purchases I made are actually things that will last MUCH longer; like the 25lbs of flour and 25lbs of sugar – I don’t anticipate using all that in one month…

So, stay tuned for the next installment and whether I am able to stay on budget for the whole month… “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”