Monthly Archives: February 2013

How to Talk to Little Girls

little girlFor those of you with daughters, nieces or granddaughters… this is an interesting article on interacting with young girls.  Our usual instinct is to say “oh!  You’re so cute/pretty!”  What are you setting them up for in the future?

Having a daughter myself I realize how often I glow as a parent when someone says my kiddo’s cute.  But now I’m even more aware of nurturing her intellect/problem solving skills instead of her “cuteness”.

Fishy Fun

So our daughter’s birthday is today and one of the gifts her Dad and I decided on was a couple goldfish for her room… This being said, there are lots of fun ways to showcase these little golden buggers … and I thought I’d share some of the ones that caught my eye (though we’ll probably just go with a basic tank AND LID (we have 3 cats).