Monthly Archives: July 2013

Clothes I need to make…

I thought these would be fun to try and make – or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to visit JoAnn’s again?  hmmm…

Tank Maxi and Easy Maxi

Cooking with Kids

I was just going through my multitudes of emails (yes, I’m a little behind) and discovered a fun post with tips for cooking with your kids.  It’s pretty awesome seeing your kiddo light up because “I did it!”

My daughter has been decorating her own cupcakes for the longest time while I’ve frosted and decorated cakes and she’s always so proud :)  As a result, I try to involve her more often when we’re cooking a meal where I can incorporate her awesome helper skills.

Happy cooking all!

Geometric Fun

I stumbled across these and though I’m not generally into the geometric shapes and mathematical design… I did enjoy these pieces:

Duvet Cover and Wall Clock

Comfort Food Gear

Because who doesn’t need comfort food once in a while and why wouldn’t you want the gear to make it fun?

3D Safari Animal Cookies, Cookie Scoop and Puzzle Pieces