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InkJoy for the Win!


Normally you wouldn’t catch me getting SUPER excited about pens, because really… they’re pens right?  BUT I have found a little something that puts a sparkle in my day (plus, they’re awesome for distinguishing between informational notes and “to-do” notes.)


InkJoy Pens by PaperMate!  These bad boys are SUPER smooth on the page and chalked full of exciting colors for decorative fun.  I had to buy two packs – one for work and one for home – just because of the awesomeness.  Did I mention they were SUPER CHEAP?!?  At Freddies for back to school they’re $1.99 but on Amazon they’re even cheaper!

Vegetable Tales of Woe

As you may know if you’ve been with me from the beginning of CHG, my kiddo avoids vegetables at ALL costs.  We’ve tried bribing, sneaking, putting our feet down and making veggies “grown-up only” in the hope of getting her to try SOMETHING that is of the vegetable persuasion.  It’s no big surprise that she’s not interested (a mix of stubborn and age 3).  The best methods for no-fight vegetable ingestion, in our household, have settled with sneaking them in (we do berry shakes that include carrots and spinach) and bribing.

food groups

But bribing is not a long term solution in my opinion so I reached out to personal & parent coach, Emily McMason, during an unrelated event.  One of the suggestions she had for a no-fight solution was a food drawer.  Find some space in your fridge for foods that your kid enjoys but fulfill each of those pesky food groups and let them pick!  We used the new food drawer as an opportunity to discuss food groups and what kinds of foods need to go in our bodies to keep us healthy.  I even found a printable from that had colorful pictures and helpful explanations of the different groups.

30 Best Workout Songs +1

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I have begun running.  As with most things in my life, I have come to a point where just thinking “I’ll do that eventually” has come to an end and “I’m doing that now” has begun.  Years ago it was “I’m going to loose weight”.  Brought on by the realization that one of my favorite things to do (going out to try new things) was severely limited by my self-consciousness and paranoia that people were saying “Look at that fat girl!  She obviously doesn’t need that burger.” [I lost 35lbs in about 15 months via Weight Watchers and am maintaining pretty well.]

My new objective is brought on by the realization that I’m 31 and still haven’t run that marathon but also because it’s a quality of life issue.  We have a big dog – and she has A LOT of energy.  When she’s had a good long walk/run, she’s considerably more mellow, leaving our household much calmer.  

So – on that note – I present to you: The 30 Best Workout Songs a la and an addition from my personal “likes”:  Icona Pop ”I Love It”

Heisenberg’s Back!

In a little salute to the return of Heisenberg I give you… Breaking Bad gear!

Breaking Bad Decal, Better Call Saul Shirt, Cooking Bad Print, Bathing Bad Bath Salts Los Pollos Hermanos shirt, Breaking Bad poster, Breaking Bad print, Blue Sky Crystal Meth Candy


Gone Exploring

Ok Folks – by the time you’re reading this (unless you’re across the ocean or up at some ungodly hour) I will have taken off for destination “known” to explore and show off a favorite spot in nature to my two favorite people.  So for the day I bid you – Hello! and Happy Saturday!

cute racoon