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New Year’s Eve Crafts – Kid Edition

bubblewrap noisemakerLooking for some fun ways to engage your kids in a New Year’s Eve celebration?  Wondering how you’re going to entertain the kiddos while you’re having an adult-ish party?  Look no further!

Check out the Crafty Crow for 10 New Year’s Eve Crafts for Kids!  I know I’ll be taking advantage of these great ideas… how about you?

Comfort Pitbull

pit bullI just learned that there is a pit bull that has earned the title of “Denkai Recovery Specialist” at the Denkai Veterinary Care Clinic in CO.  This special pup comforts other furry friends after they’ve had their surgeries.  Making it both safer for the vet/vet techs and a more pleasant experience for the recuperating animals.  For the whole story click here - it’s really worth the read IMO.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar

Feel free to mock me if you must (or pinch your nose and say “stinky” like my husband does) but I have discovered a SUPER TASTY recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts!







After having a kid, the quest to expand her palate has been a zany journey that eventually led me to the grocery store to discover that brussels sprouts grow on giant stalks!

Produce Gal’s Tip: Sprouts off the stalk are generally sweeter than any other.

After learning the tip above, I decided that if EVER there was a time my kid MIGHT like eating a brussels sprout, it would be when it’s sweetest… so I gave it a go!  No surprise that they aren’t her favorite, but she loves helping me make them and doesn’t fight getting one down so I’m super happy with the result!  (Plus, they are really so tasty that I’ll eat the whole 2 lbs w/o sharing and be fine :p)