Instruction Manuals

Ok, I don’t know about you BUT when I started going through all of our stuff to try to get our house in gear I realized that I had about 4 different locations for our user manuals and instructions.  And when our daughter came along there was an entirely different pile of “child toy” instruction manuals to find space for.  Eventually, in my quest for clean, I decided I would put them all in ONE location, neat and tidy!

This proved to be a bit of a task when I realized that #1 I had very old manuals for things we didn’t have anymore (chucked those) and #2 not everything remaining would fit into one container.  So, I did what I determined to be a smart step:  I took all the manuals for items that would remain in the house (stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer and drier) and put them in a 3-ring binder.  If ever we move I will leave that with this house for the next owners :D  This binder sits neatly next to my organized filing system with all our other manuals.  The side that’s alphabetized is our daughters toy manual section – organized by brand.  The other side is organized by “item type” like kitchen, media, random electronics, spa gear, and etc.

I thought I would share because for the last year this system has worked GREAT for our family :)  I no longer have to sort through 3-4 piles of manuals just to determine that I must have put it somewhere else… It’s either in the filing system or it’s non-existent.  The End.

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