Tantrums – an article to read

Ok – so… my sister was over the other day and we were TRYING to get our daughter to try something new… we’ve had difficulty with her trying new things since she hit around 1.5yrs… all of a sudden she didn’t want ANYTHING but peanut butter and jelly for lunches and dinners.  I can get her to eat pretty healthy food for breakfast, she’ll gobble up fruit and I slip in the veggies with smoothies; but ANYTHING ELSE she rejects outright.  And lately it’s become fit-central if we push at all…

Right, so… my sister was over and observed this night-time routine of our daughters… and me, being the pushover that I was (as I have committed to standing firm from now on) let my daughter run the show post-fit (the worst thing to do, I know) and of course my sister observed it all.

Being that she is young, unmarried and without kids she is what I was prior to kids – quick to determine that my handling of the situation was incorrect.  Fortunately for me she did not “just” judge.  She ALSO researched and provided feedback.  My initial thought was “how dare she?!?” Right? But, in taking a step back, I can appreciate that she was just trying to help… so I gave it a read…

Pretty good advice… that I pass on to you… just in case you need a little boost in the courage and energy department:  http://www.parenting.com  Have fun!

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