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Hua Tunan – Artist o’ the Month

Similar to last month’s artist Marc Allante’s works – Hua Tunan’s artwork is both colorful, full of energy but simple in essence… IMO.  (I love how the last one actually goes onto the matting.)

Marc Allante – Artist o’ the Month

So, I ran across Marc Allante’s work on one of the many sites I frequent and thought… wow! That’s something I’d love to have hanging around.  [Disclaimer: Though I am attracted to a lot of different art, I rarely find something that I find worth purchasing and putting up... due to crazy high prices or the inability of the art to fit into the "style" I'm going for in our house.]

I LOVED this guys pieces and was THRILLED to see them available in prints (since it’s a more reasonable way for a single income family to incorporate someone else’s handmade beauty into a home environment).  My favorites are the lion and the city scapes (just in case you’re curious :p)  So – there you go… beauty :D

Simple and Adorable Art

I was playing around on the interweb when I ran into this site with these really cute pieces of art that I thought would be fun to share… they can be purchased from Scribblegraph