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Fall Crafts – Tree w/ Leaves

I found this great 3D Tree craft on www.parents.com.  I ended up free-handing the tree outline and leaves for prepping materials instead of using the template provided on the site but…My daughter and I had a ball making this together!

We used a paper plate and “colored” the ground for the tree to stand on.  Then we glued the leaves to the tree and the ground for a realistic fall look.  I suppose you could write what you’re thankful for on each leaf but we went for just a basic tree…

October Kiddy Crafts #4 – Secret Message Pumpkins

So today we collected an egg carton, some paint, a sharpie and some left over pipe cleaners to create: Secret Message Pumpkins!  It was a great low-key craft.  We had fun making up secret messages to put in the pumpkins for Dad :D  (I think my favorite was “3,4,5,6,six”)