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Easy Homemade Pita Bread

pita_header_01Have I ever mentioned that my family loves Pita Pit?  Well, we do!

Back in college it was the hot spot for late night/post drinking food and when we moved from our college town to home-as-we-know-it we were bummed that the closest was, we thought, an hour away!  Then, through fortunate circumstances, my hubby found one that was only 30min away… but in a sketchy part of town :(

With my newly acquired skills of making things at home I thought… why not Pita?

That’s where theKitchn.com comes in!  They had a GREAT recipe for how to make easy Homemade Pita Bread that we tried tonight and they are a 9/10 star review!

Homemade Baskets

In looking around the web for some revamp ideas I found a great website with links to different kinds of homemade baskets: