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Introduction to the Art Museum

how-to-have-fun-at-art-museums-with-young-kidsIs your local art museum running an exhibit you’d like to see?  Do you feel like and introduction to a museum is the next step in your cultural journey with your kiddo?  Have no fear!

No Time for Flash Cards.com has an awesome bunch of ideas to keep your kiddos engaged while at the art museum!  You know… in case they don’t want to sit quietly and observe the pretty art…


Pom Pom Learning

I was introduced to this “pin” by a friend of mine and BOY am I glad she shared!  Yesterday I went out a bought supplies to begin a pom pom learning program with my daughter and she’s been pumped about it ever since!

The breakdown for supplies was so cheap I’m actually in shock… seriously – I kept telling my husband over and over how I got all the supplies for SUPER CHEAP!

The breakdown:

  • pom poms (80pk)x2 from $ store = $2
  • baking sheet from $ store = $1
  • magnetic strip from Jo Annes w/ 50% off coupon = $3
  • Hot glue (I had at home already… you will need this – the magnetic strips don’t stick well enough)
  • Printer, Paper and Ink (I have)

So, for $6 I have a complete system for learning color sorting, letters and numbers… Woot!