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October Kiddy Crafts #3 – Three Ghost Friends

So today Munchie and I made a go at a Three Ghost Friends activity.  If your kiddo is anything like mine they don’t just volunteer the colors around them – and being “quized” gets boring for them pretty quick.  Flashcards are generally a bust unless I catch her in a good mood.

But, this game was worth the 30min of straining with the box cutter to make “holes” to put popsicle sticks through.

I only had a peanutbutter jar on hand (which was a SERIOUS struggle to create a space for the sticks to go through) so I ended up cutting off almost the entire top of the lid and just put a paper with holes for the sticks there instead.

It was a ton of fun to see our Munch put the colored popsicle sticks through the correct holes :D

October Kiddy Crafts #2 – Spider Web Walking

In light of the WONDERFUL month of October; I have begun the hunt for holiday games, crafts and goodies to munch.  Much to my delight, we found a Halloween maze-like activity on www.notimefor flashcards.com

Essentially, you take painters tape and make a spiders web on your carpet.  Then you place plastic spiders (we just made mini spiders w/ the leftover pipe cleaners from October Craft #1) around the web for your child to pick up while standing on the web.  The goal is to not “fall off” the web – though depending on the age of your kiddo your definition of “fall off” may vary.  The addition of paper ghosts kicks the game up a notch – you can set them as points you cannot pass or objects you must jump over w/o falling off the web.

October Kiddy Crafts #1 – Spider and its Web

I ran across a fun Halloween craft activity on supermommoments.com and our munchkin and I gave it a go this afternoon…  We had an awesome time with black yarn, pipe cleaner and googly eyes!